Constructing meaningful relationships between pet owners

Winter 2016
In Collaboration With Helen Hong
Product Design, User Interface Design
Personal Project in 2 Months
Petbor is a community based mobile app aiming to foster meaningful relationships among neighboring dog owners. My partner and I collaborated on UX Research and UX Design, while I was responsible for the UI design of the product.


We noticed dog owners usually have a problem finding pet sitters when they have travel plans. As an exploratory research, we interviewed pet owners to confirm the problem and learn about their pain-points in general.

By interviewing different owners, we learned that trading dog sitting duties with another local owner is the most comfortable solution. But due to the lack of connections, the pet sitting problem is most salient among newly-became and newly-moved dog owners. On the other hand, experienced local owners also have trouble expanding their limited connections.


With that in mind, we reframed our problem space to the local community centered around dog owners. In order to know how dog owners make their local connections, we conducted more research with multiple owners at the same time to observe how they interact with each other, to participate in their discussions, and to learn about how to think from their perspectives.

By learning our stakeholders’ values, I discovered that other than the motivation of finding a pet sitter, there are more potential benefits for pet owners to expand their local connections with other owners. However, the main barrier for dog owners to make connections is the commitment to meet up. To help them overcome this specific barrier, we designed a platform that helps them to find connections with minimal commitment.


We worked together iterated on the service concept, and made sure it aligns with our users’ values and lowers dog owners’ communication barriers. Our final solution is a mobile app that enables dog owners to stay connected with local owner community both online and offline.

Scenario Walkthrough

Interface Design Process


As my first time working with someone remotely, my partner and I developed few methods that allow us to collaborate in an efficient fashion. We iterated on each other’s ideas to combine all perspectives, and always seek answers from our users when we cannot find one on our own.